How to write (ANY TYPE of) a review

Basic purpose of the review is to describe and valuate:

  • Artistic product (book, song, movie, paint…)
  • Inartistic product (device, clothes, cosmetic products…)
  • Hotel, medical service, shows etc.

Nowadays almost everyone is allowed to write a review, but it is necessary to follow these simple rules:


Even in the academic circles people are lying because they want to promote certain opinion and interest that will enable them to push the business. People want to earn more money and bought review is another way to achieve that.


This is simple, your skills and knowledge in the certain area will determine whether you are able to write or not. In today’s internet era it is possible and easy to write journalistic reviews, but low criteria and lack of self-criticism resulted in a bunch of bad work. Ask yourself: Am I good (and honest!) enough? Can I contribute?

Right time

You should be well prepared for the writing. Remember, only experts can write immediately after they’ve watched the movie or listened to the album for the first time, but most of them come back and explore work in details.

Here’s the simple pattern that should work no matter what has to be reviewed:

  • Introduction: Describe the product and give the readers your first impression.
  • Main paragraph(s): Likes and dislikes, good and bad sides, advantages and disadvantages – supported with the facts!
  • Conclusion: Summarise your thoughts and give a final score.


  • Review is not a summary! It is essential to value the product.
  • Review must be understandable and consistent! Keep in mind the expectations of the audience, the last thing you want to happen is to write too advanced or too poor review. See my struggle here.
  • Follow the rules! If you are writing a review for a website, check the rules unless they are not provided.
  • Make a perfect balance between creativity, uniqueness and response to requests (description and valuation) and you’ll come up with an awesome review!

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