Melancholic Order and Mournful Chaos

This is the title of my review published on Encyclopaedia Metallum. How can you believe this is MY review and not someone else’s? Well, you don’t have to believe, it is enough to see my profile on Metallum and you should be CONVINCED in my honesty: the same name, email address and country can be found on my profile here if you click on View complete profile. Okay, I proved my authorship, let’s focus now on the main topic.  I published before a review for the same album and called it phenomenological review because it relies on phenomenology in literature. In other words, I wrote only about (personal) reception, about reincarnation of that album in myself and put down reflections ignited by the music. Writing process was spontaneous and I knew this is far from review, but decided to submit. It was rejected, of course, due to the following reasons:review2Then I decided to read the rules for the first time and started to write again and again. English is my second language and I had the great chance to practice and learn.  Here is the discussion. The result is Melancholic Order and Mournful Chaos, review, as well as the critic because it explores potential meanings behind the music and cover art.

Tyrannus melancholicus

Tyrannus melancholicus


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