Desecrate! [Задушнице у пушнице!]

Губав васкрсе

Колосеку ћорсокак

Преклана љубав

Today, Serbia is diving in the filthiest waves of stupidity. Dogma is rising in ‘necrophiliac’ collision of two different storms: valentine’s day from the West and  задушнице (all soul’s day) from the East (never worth enough to be written in capital letters).

All hermetic pieces published on my native language suffer from their unapproachability. I don’t want to change the style that holds my ultimate aesthetic criteria in order to be more understandable and I don’t want wrong interpretations and misunderstandings, so I will continue to publish visual and musical material from other artists along with my own words in order to create the most suitable layers of meaning. Almost everything I wrote has its own explanation, but none of them is going to be published. I have some sort of rules related to the language I choose to use, but it is important to say that I expect from native Serbian speakers to understand my simple English and I do not expect from English speakers to understand Serbian.

Something from other artists that resonate with my own creations as well as with today’s theme:

Unholy Black Metal

When the sun has died
When the angels are blind
When the fog lies thick
over the palace of god

When the fullmoon lights the earth
When the wolves gather in the open
When blood rains from heaven high
and from the pearly gates

When Jehova’s hordes are slaughtered
When disciples twelve are dead
When beliefs of eastern lands
are raped and raped again

When the whore of babylon rides
When pity turns to hate
When all sons of satan
sodomise the lambs of Christ

When the gates have all been opened
When the funerals never end
When Satans power paint our hearts
and satisfies our souls

When witches burn the priests
When the ancient one returns
When the demons ride the nuns
with their horns of dark desire

*lyrics from the whole album available here


I can’t remember what it means to be alive
will you show me? will you show me how to get inside?
I can’t remember what it means to sacrifice
when i can’t even feel the pain when I’ve been so anesthetized.

No, I don’t mean anything
Nothing to the divine
As I lay my heart before you
I burn in the shadow of the saint and the valentine

Kiss the cold and the dark,
and say goodnight to the memories
The ghost of a yesterday
will hold you close to keep the hurt at bay

As our time transpired
we became as effigies
underneath a veil of grey
collapsing in on our own decay

*lyrics and song available here, too


Когда свинцовые тучи
Сомкнуться над головою,
И тьма сокроет от глаз
Полуденное солнце,
И снег, словно прах, падет на землю,
Арктический холод скует все живое,
Оставляя в движении лишь мысли…
Буря окутает землю,
Электрический свет разорвет темноту,
И сквозь блики молний
Ты увидишь мертвый лес –
Лес за гранью реальности,
Времени и понимания…
Твой взор, проникая
В самые чащи незримого леса,
Сквозь вечность и мирозданье,
Огибая стволы деревьев-
Серые камни до горизонта,
В прах разобьется о скалы реальности,
Сердце расколется в мертвом безмолвии,
Веки сокроют печати агонии.
Ты был из тех, кто вступил в безграничное,
Сверху на серое стадо взглянувший,
Но лишь овца, стоящая в стороне,
Смотришь и опять к стаду возвращаешься…
Люди такие – то издревле сложено,
Было вчера и во век не изменится,
Ты среди тех, у кого нет сущности,
С виду живой, но заведомо умерший!..
Среди подобных себе созданий –
Дерево каменного леса.

*whole album and lyrics (yes, it is expected from some native Serbian speakers to understand Russian)


*lyrics (and reviews) can be read here

*I’ve just realised White Tomb has a lot in common with Слика страха of mine




Straightforward closing words:

Point of this post

  • dogma is bad
  • emotions are degenerative in Homo sapiens
  • love is evil 

Nothing on this site is meant to be utilitarian (indoctrination). Every person should think with his/her own brain. I’m not the prophet, these are just my thoughts. People who disagree should leave this place. 


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