Hermetic prose + photo challenge


When I was writing this, English words suddenly popped into my mind and I thought: I’m gonna translate this quickly after I finish. Unfortunately, nothing was easy as it seemed; translating complex Serbian language without losing too much was really exhausting. I had to check (or search for) a meaning of every single word in order to find the most suitable. At the end of that day (the first of January), it was an interesting experiment. Without discussing what’s lost or preserved, let’s read. (Yes, I know, Panzer isn’t an English word.)


*I took those pictures with mobile phone camera through my frozen window on the same day I wrote and translated this hermetic prose.

Here is photo-collection from the session plus variations of the photo above I’ve done using artistic effects in Microsoft Word.



  1. Da, to je ta tvopja poetika. Neguj je. Kod tebe je sve u krešendu, pa čak i muzika koju biraš. Samo – zašto okrenutost jedino pesimizmu, ili mi je nešto promaklo?

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    1. Оклопништво сматрам за стилски најуспешније, нема усиљених рима, базира се више на ритму и асонанци и алитерацији.
      Ја сам песимиста, такви су ми и филозофија и уметност, бавим се искључиво понорима света и човека, што не значи да сам намрштени намћор који режи. ;-P


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