~~~ Diary: Summer Depression 2015 ~~~

Warning! This post is about different seemingly non-important factors that actually contributed to the fact that I’m splattered in faeces of life. Nevertheless, I don’t have clinical depression and I’ve never experienced it.

As I am worried about the weather this summer, I looked back at the temperatures from previous year (2015) and remained in a mild shock. I remember clearly relentless heat, cockroach invasion (which happens again this year; I’ll freak out if they invade my house), noise of roosters, sparrows, cicadas, military aircrafts…louder tinnitus and desperate attempts to remember boring facts for finals. Decision to preserve awful memories in this awkward and literal way had to be made, maybe because I need to force myself to finally start reading literary classics and throw away personally -spiritually and artistically- useless biology (I passed all five Chemistry courses).

In case you wondered, yes, I vote for the air conditioning, but I’m the parasite and my hosts don’t think it’s necessary. I should weaken them (to death) before I enter hyperthermia.

[Temperatures above 30°C (>86°F) are circled.]


[click on the pictures to see them bigger]


I found some interesting stories while making this post:

The easiest way for me is to shot a bullet in my head and save entire artillery (and animals, of course); they can prevent potential cannibals from eating me in the name of allah.

Ooops, did I conclude irrelevant post with the word that’s put at the beginning of every barbarian crime?

*Sources: headline picture; temperature map for July, August and September 2015; cockroachrooster.


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