created by Osore Misanthrope on the 3rd and 4th of May, 2017

I decided to prevent even the smallest amount of daylight from entering my room by securing the critical spots on the windows with paper from an old calendar (underlying message is to be environmental friendly). I sleep during the day and the sun that passes through the small holes on persiennes makes everything visible and disturbs me. I found out that these papers on the internal windows are not so effective compared to some I put on the externals, but I didn’t want to move them back because the summer is near and I don’t want them to burst into flames. This is why I covered papers with some paints (called ”Schulmalfarben” by connor). My painting skills are non-existent, so I ended up covering the failed imitations of sunflower and double helix with the colours that behaved shamefully on my untamed brush. It was clear to me that I’m invalid with the first brush stroke, but only later I completely gave up on expecting ANY aesthetically pleasant appeal and covered it quickly. Above can be seen the version that’s improved thanks to the tricks of my phone. Inverted cross stands for atheism and animosity toward any religion.
As expected, colours managed to reduce the amount of light that comes in. Someone would probably ask why I didn’t put on more paper or one thick paper plate instead of playing with colours and the answer is that I don’t have big, thick paper plate and this way is funny – the modified photo is still something. (As I was writing this I came up with the idea of sticking some cool posters there after I get bored of my artistic failure.)

Areligious 2

created by Osore Misanthrope on the 3rd and 4th of May, 2017


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