Creepy old rag dolls

All pictures were made by Osore Misanthrope.


These two 35+ years old dolls are hanging on the wall in my house and they belong to my parents. They’ve been there for as long as I can remember and I was never interested in them, nor in the other dolls (and also official sports, truck toys, etc; I used to play outside with other kids various games of which I invented two, but I’ll save it for another story that should be in my biography, if I ever write it).


I decided to photograph them because I think they may be interesting to the stranger’s eye. For editing I used PhotoScape and hit-and-miss method, which means clicking on different unknown options and saving the good ones. 


I won’t show the original photos because they seem too realistic and emotionless, and the setting and lighting are not quite right. It is completely different experience from seeing them live (especially the sloppy, long legs of the clown) and feeling the texture and filling: something soft in the clown and surprising little stones in the doll from the first picture who’s still trying to find who put the badge on her lips). 


I don’t remember if I had seen or read about spooky dolls before, and when I encountered one in Agatha Christie’s novel By the Pricking of My Thumbs, I was instantly intrigued and felt spooky; although it’s not a horror novel, that doll and the diamonds found in it emphasise the sense of mystery. The same was with her story The Dressmaker’s Doll. Agatha’s work is trivial, but I think it’s perfect for the early teens; it helped me to learn how to develop plots and always reminds me that any prose must not lose the reader’s attention in order to have a chance to be evaluated properly at the first place (avoid the ultimate masochistic classic Anna Karenina at any cost). [Систем евалуације уметничког дела који сам осмислио и примењујем може се видети овде, на страни 4.]

Info plus: If you’ve never read Agatha, you must know that it’s crucial to finish the book in order to understand what’s the point. I need to stress this because I gave By the Pricking of My Thumbs to three people of my age years ago and the two of them asked me that without getting to the end/reading carefully. Another thing that Agatha learns you is that every detail matters and it is very useful in reading books for literature classes and doing analysis.


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