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All photos were taken on the 11th of December 2016 by Osore Misanthrope who was in pajamas at the time [16:00] and couldn’t move from the door to capture more ;-).

I got up around 16 pm, had a quick breakfast and glanced through the window commenting how strange the sky is. Dim light was scattered between weird, gloomy clouds. The whole scene was mostly grey, with the very pale orange colour (papaya whip/peach) barely visible above and between airy canvas. Few minutes later, I approached the window again and saw a glorious transformation. It took me another few minutes to take photos (with a break of minute or two due to my escape from the front door – some people were approaching and I was standing like a freak in pajamas with my phone) and by that time the sunset was over (or almost over because the colours changed from orange to red and then quickly faded). Later I edited them using simple, but effective Microsoft Office Picture Manager. (I avoid using advanced editors because I want to try every single option, which is time consuming when you have millions of them and you are not very familiar with/rarely use the program on the first place.) Original photos are just a worthless, pale shadow of what I saw with my eyes, so it was inevitable to make them extreme with high contrasting and adjustments in order to make the (true) art, not just another imitation of reality known as the ”failed realism or “the realist’s attempt”.

Telegraf, a Serbian online news-site, shared some of the photos people made on the same day as I, but with at least two differences: they had better cameras and shared it on social networks on the same day (I waited for 6 months to share them exclusively on this blog). 

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All photos were taken on the 16th of March 2017 by Osore Misanthrope who was lucky again to see and capture it, this time from the balcony.

Experimental photographs


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All photos were taken and edited* by Osore Misanthrope.

*first image in PhotoScape and the rest in Microsoft Office Picture Menager 

Monastral creatures and Windows

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All photographs were taken in January 2017 by Osore Misanthrope from his partially frozen window.


Неухватљиво ваздушасто угаснуће

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All photos were taken on the 27th of September 2016 by Osore Misanthrope who went out on the balcony after probably more than 5 years for this special occasion ;-).


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стандардна верзија (прва фрагментисана и кохерентна) – pdf

стандардна верзија (друга фрагментисана и кохерентна) – pdf

аутопародијска верзија

У делу се не алудира на Хинденбург, цепелини и посада су сагорели и пали јер је тако морало бити да би се одржала доследност и остварили тематски и идејни циљеви (присутни у објашњењу које није [и неће бити] објављено на блогу).

*аутор фотографије укључене у другу фрагментисану верзију је Осоре Мизантроп

*фотографије преклопљене у првој фрагментисаној верзији:

Vincent van Gogh: Garden of the asylum (1889)

The Hindenburg over Manhattan, New York on May 6, 1937.

Колаж ϛ


херметични конституент – супериорна тачка сустицања:



taken on the 1st of January, 2015